Sunday, January 30, 2011

Completely Gratuitous Outfit

so here we go again,
my Sunday getup.
and its a beautiful day

Black long sleeved top: oldnavy
Green Skirt: so old it no longer has tags
Scarf: DIY by yours truly
Boots: Ugg knock-offs

Ridin' with the top down

So Saturday was so nice that we rode with the sun roof open,
in Oregon

Blue sky
Matt absolution loves when i take his picture ;)
got my shades on

Friday, January 28, 2011

Nikita why are you so SAD?

Nikita sad face
and this is why she is so sad,
she has a OWIE
right on her Paw
she is normally happy, silly Nikita but not today, she has a owie :(

week in photographs # 2


wanna join in on the project365 fun train,
click the project365 button above and get the details
Friday 28,
picture of me sewing my DIY infinity Scarf
My favorite Photo of this week
Thursday 27,
old barn that is on our property, nice and covered with moss
Wednesday 26
actually a picture of my hair
Tuesday 25,
bad ass little girl toddler shoes
Monday 24,
picture of my jeans, thought it was cool texture

DIY: Infinity Scarf from a old sweater

start with a old sweater that you don't mind the color of,
mine was army green

cut sweater at arm pit, cut bottom gathered section off, than cut remainder in half,
should look something like this
cut two middle strips in half,
so you now have two long single layered pieces of sweater
sew ends together, like so
Infinity Scarf
and don't forget to tell everyone
that YOU made it

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Face LIFT ;)

So I've decided to give the blog a face lift, and change a few things
since Mattson really only makes appearances when i make him I've made this a Ariel only blog ;)
Hugs & Loves, Ariel
since that is how i sign all my letters, why not
so here's a picture of mu-ah!

see here is Matt's Special guest appearance
this IS love


so Maegan from
is doing a reader request DIY
this is what i submitted as ideas

Feather Earrings
Hagar Satat,
a-symmetrical necklace
Kara E. Jones Lotus,
Peacock Feather Bag
Gold Vermeil vintage Scalloped Lace Cuff Bracelet
(this is my top pick)
Striking Statement Fabric Bib Necklace
price? not sure it was 30 euros so like 41.00$ (?)
Urban Outfitters,
Tribal Feather Earring

so stop by here blog
and give her some DIY suggestions, if she picks yours she will send it to you! (that's my favorite part), hoping she chooses one of my potential DIY's

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This is my First


...lovemaegan your my hero

so thanks to Maegan from
(who is amazing you should follow her blog if you don't already!)
i feel the need to document my outfits, now i'm totally not as stylish as her but here we go

turtle neck top: Oldnavy
jeans: Levis too super low 524
sweater: Derek Heart
ring: by me (Ariel)

p.s. if you would like this one of a kind ring message me your ring size and address, 5$ if you want to pick it up or 10$ if you want it mailed to you!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nail Polish??

so i NEVER paint my finger nails and when i finally want to this is what i find...

(all of them had separated)
pretty sure its time for me to buy some new nail polish!

Klair happenings

so Mondays and Tuesdays i nanny for this beautiful little girl
this is a horrific picture of me but i thought both our eyes looked cool
its a JEANS and TOES day, as should be everyday :)

Korean goodies giveaway!!

check this out and enter to win! i already did ;)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Project 365 photos of the week # 1

Project 365
this is my first week, i started a bit late but here are my photographs from this week

While changing oil and rotating the tires i snapped a few shots, this is Matt's muddy truck
Saturday 22nd
Grill of my car
Saturday 22nd
Syrup bottles in the stock room at work
Friday 21st

Foam art while at work
Thursday 20th

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Changing oil / working on cars

This is how Matt changes oil / works on a car

This is how I "Help" work on a car
this is how Nikita works on a car
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