Monday, August 31, 2009


So Sunday we went shooting up Wildcat Mtn. rd. and here's some pictures..

Nikita and I watching the boys!
he stated to get annoyed with my picture taking!

Matt shooting
Matt and Chad loading up,

It was a very beautiful day!!

Nikita decided to lay in Matt's gun case!! that was pretty much my favorite part of the day!! funny dog!!

Friday, August 28, 2009


so while i was leaving the grocery store today i walked to my car, pushed my beeper/ unlock button and nothing happened than i tried to pull the door open and nothing happened!! when i looked inside my car i saw a very ugly little dog!! AW WW NOT MY CAR! i just tried to get in to someone Else's car!!! after i had realized that it was not mine i looked up and there was my car exactly when i left it! 2 parking spots down!! ha ha leave it to me to do something like this!! :) so here's a warning to all you others with white TC's don't park by me, unless you don't have a problem with me trying to get into your car!! :0

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hiking Tamanawas Falls

so yesterday matt, nikita and I hiked the tamanawas falls, it was gorgeous!! here are a few pictures!! the really dark one is us standing behind the falls!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Nice Sunday Afternoon

today i went out to visit my mom, Nikita and i raided her garden and than we convinced her to go puck blueberries with us, Nikita got to frolic and run free out in the fields which she doesn't get to do to often, so she takes full advantage of her free time let me tell you, anyways she played with my moms two dogs and had a blast, while me and the mother reminisced about old times down at the river and all the hikes we did when i was a kid, so i got her to finally commit to getting back out there and hiking with me! I'm proud to say that next weekend we will being hiking the old salmon river trails and having a great time catching up with old friends!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Matt will finally be coming home from Alaska on Tuesday!! Nikita and i are very excited, i wish i would have accomplished more of the things i wanted while he was gone though, i got very little organizing done and still haven't had a chance to go threw his clothing to get ride of the old gross stuff ( that's his favorite, of coarse) before he returns! :) some interesting
things i have learned since Matt has been gone:
-i will not drink a gallon of milk before it goes bad
-i don't eat the string cheese, or the cheese ( it all has mold all over it, which has never happened in our house before)
-Matt is the one that uses all of our electricity(our bill was less since he has been gone)
-the T.V. is only turned on for Nikita
- i will not open any windows down stairs

its pretty silly stuff, but things i would have never thought.
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