Friday, August 7, 2009


Matt will finally be coming home from Alaska on Tuesday!! Nikita and i are very excited, i wish i would have accomplished more of the things i wanted while he was gone though, i got very little organizing done and still haven't had a chance to go threw his clothing to get ride of the old gross stuff ( that's his favorite, of coarse) before he returns! :) some interesting
things i have learned since Matt has been gone:
-i will not drink a gallon of milk before it goes bad
-i don't eat the string cheese, or the cheese ( it all has mold all over it, which has never happened in our house before)
-Matt is the one that uses all of our electricity(our bill was less since he has been gone)
-the T.V. is only turned on for Nikita
- i will not open any windows down stairs

its pretty silly stuff, but things i would have never thought.

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  1. James was gone for 3 1/2 weeks in May and I learned a lot, too!


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