Saturday, June 27, 2009

another kick in the nuts! as matt likes to call it

so it fill you in last year around this it i had to has my wisdom teeth removed in a emergency, and we ended up having to pay the up words of 5,000 for it, so we financed it at the time and are still paying it off, and its finally getting close to being done!!! :)
Monday comes and we got a call saying we are being sent to collections due to a unpaid bill, so Matt and i are like what??? we pay all our bills we dont owe money, we have no idea what is going on!! so he calls to see whats going on and apparently our insurance only ended up covering about 100 dollars of the 800 they said they were going to cover, not to mention we had received no statement saying this from the dentist office or our insurance providers, so we pay it on Tuesday! what ever money comes and goes and just take care of it now!! and not let this disaster affect our creadit score!!!
Thursday comes and i get a email saying we are being sent to collections for a few classes i took last summer that where company payed, and yet again we had received no notice of this bill prior to being sent to collections!!! so I'm in the office yelling at my director, that I'm not paying this bill for those unhelpful classes that where a waste of time, and now my own money! so i spent the remainder of Thursday crying My eyes out being unbelievably pissed off at this company i work for!! i guess we will see what happens, I'm bringing my paper work to them on Monday!!

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