Sunday, June 7, 2009

Feelin like crap...

so my allergies/ cold have been driving me crazy, i have so much snot i don't know what to do!! but on the plus side i went to a very cute baby shower yesterday and shopping with a friend so that was pretty awesome!! Matt has ONE more day of school!! yea, yea!! so he has been studying like crazy!!


  1. I'm hosting a baby shower next week. Can you give me any ideas from the shower you went to?

  2. we just played a few games like, name that baby food, whats in the bag, and how big is the tummy!! normal games! sorry oh i saw this super cute idea where everyone got to decorate a onese!! im not much help! hows having a baby??

  3. I hope you get feeling better! I'm excited you have a blog! We also do to but I'm not the greatest at keeping up to date. It's


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