Wednesday, January 19, 2011

so I'm new to this:

but here is my picture for today:


hope you enjoy ;)


  1. Yay! So glad you joined! I love the composition of the bottom photo. Does your camera have a macro setting? Using that setting, without a flash, would be perfect for that composition. Just a little tip! Love the colors!

  2. ba ha ha i have no idea what a macro setting is! i'm by no means a photographer, i just snap pictures here and there and pretend they are art! thanks for the advice thou, cant wait to see your weeks for pictures!

  3. Hey, Ariel, Matt totally know the both of you!!! Hahhaha, NICE!! High School with both of you probably, and then Math with Matt at MHCC. Sweet!!

    I totally love your straws, and am super jealous!

  4. Haha. If it does have that setting Ariel, it usually has an icon of a flower. It's basically just a close-up setting to allow you to focus better when you are close to the subject. Like I said, just a tip.


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