Friday, February 11, 2011

Fawk you Friday

so just for fun let your rants out

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my Fawk yous this week have been:

* I didn't get to the Post office in time to get a package shipped out
* it's FREEZING cold at my house
* Thursday wad SO chaotic at work
*I have no Extra spending money( and I NEED to shop to relieve stress)
* my drivers License is about to expire
and last but probably my biggest Fawk you this week
* I have angry feeling towards people I should feel happy for (because they have what I want but I don't have it)

so join in the Fawk you Friday fun!!
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Fawk ON!


  1. Hey Doll!

    I haven't wanted to leave the house either..but have online shopped like mad...because it's only fair, right?

    I don't envy you on the drivers license...My photo is so jacked up..I want to murder someone at the BMV.

    It's normal to have bitter feelings towards those who have what you least I hope so, for our

    Smooches love!

  2. I like your fawk you-list! Especially the last one, I feel you!


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