Friday, February 18, 2011

Fawk you Friday

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So ironically one of my Fawk you Friday, Fawks goes hand in hand with my
* I feel like everyone but ME is having babies! and don't get my wrong I'm happy for those people (well most of them), but I'm super jealous that Matt and I are not in a place where we can start a family, and maybe I should just shut my pie hole cause it's not like we are infertile or such (well we don't know we have never tried to get pregnant)

* Freezing cold, rain and wind I'm so over you!! Summer please get here before I loose my mind!

* My dog needs a bath cause she rolls / plays / eats shit all day long but I hate bathing her cause its a pain so she there for she smells like SHIT!!

* Just noticed a nice CHIP in my Windshield

* and again rawr-ing its ugly head my period stopped by this week (sorry TMI)

well i think that's all my Fawk yous this week I'm sure ill have a sufficiently long list next week as well ;)

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  1. I loved your post! Awesome stuff.
    My dog went into heat this week and is bleeding all of the place so I had to buy her a washable diaper. Um, hi....$65? Are they kidding. I'm pissed.
    And I have to wash it twice a day from the smell. Sigh.

  2. I dont have any dogs now, but before we moved I had 5 then 3 at one time (i miss them so much) and I seriously HATED giving them baths! I usually would just hose them down outside because it was such a pain any other way LOL. But when the freezing cold weather is around that is kinda hard to do ... I cant wait for summer either!


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