Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursdays Five


So this is my first week at Thursdays Five and I'm hoping to keep it going

So today I hit the DMV because I'm so old that I actually needed to renew my license, but I had the most Outstanding experience at the DMV, when I get there I pull my number #19, I sit down they call # 18 holy S**T I'm next, #19 I go to the counter say " yaddy yaddy yadda" hand over the $ and go sit down a whole whopping 2 min. later they call my name to take my picture and done I'm out the door woozza

also this week I've decided to cut out sugar well in all factually not sugar but CANDY and its been 3 whole days and I feel Refreshed lets hope I can keep it up!

as you may have seen in previous posts on Mondays and Tuesday I spend the day with a toddler she is super fun and Adored very much by me!

I got my cell phone bill in the mail yesterday and turns out I'm being charged for "road side assistance" not sure what that means but I'm defiantly not to Cheerful about it ;(

this morning I woke up to SNOW, so not Cool mother nature, It's almost March no more snow please!
so fun so head on over to Flip Flops & Combat Boots to link up


  1. love your list...except for the cell phone bill! Did you call any 411 numbers or anything? WEIRD! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Hey! Thanks for following :) Yeah - that post was pretty deep. I've been feeling that way for a long time and I thought to myself, why not wright it down and say how I really feel. I don't think I have an addiction to food, my emotions have an addiction to food... which makes more sense. I get bored - I eat, I'm happy - I eat. lol

    Anyways - cute blog you have going on here :) Good luck with the whole staying away from sugar, that's great!! & that is so crazy you woke up to snow?! Where are you? lol


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