Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursdays Five

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Thursdays 5


Here we go,
so this week I made a few Fabulous new necklaces to sell at the coffee shop,
check them out HERE

Mattson and I meet for a Satisfying Thai lunch today, yum pad Thai,

While driving up to my nanny job on Monday morning ( at 5:30am Blah) It was raining unbelievably hard and I hydro plained way all over the road but Amazing(ly) kept my cool, I hate driving in horrific weather boo!

While cleaning out the massive shop on our property (the people that previously lived here left a ton of junk or as I like to call it shit) I found some Sweet ammo casings for my jewelry making,

This is "My Birthday Week" as i like to call it to trick Mattson into doing extra nice things for me (yeah I get a whole week, you should do it too) I was Jubilant that I actually tricked him into waiting on me hee hee ;)

fun fun, see you next week for more Thursdays 5 fun!

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