Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's on your Mind Wednesday

* French bread pizza (p.s. that what I'm making for dinner)
* how many calories are in French bread pizza?
*on second though I really don't wanna know it will ruin the delicious-ness ;)
* Nikita the STINKY dog, not so stinky( she just got a bath about 20 minutes ago... we'll see how long that lasts)
*laundry cause I just did 2.5 million loads
* getting older My most Favorite little one A.k.a Klair birthday is coming up in two weeks the big 2!
* my cellular telephone, I am dreaming of the updated version ( is that wrong?)
* spring mainly warm weather, I am so ready for shorts, sandals and tops that are not a jacket or sweatshirt

that was fun, join in on the link up over @ A Taste of T


  1. Definitly bring on the nice weather!! I'm in England so we don't exactly get hot weather at any point but just a light jacket would be nice!! We regressed to Winter again it felt like the other day,I had big coat, gloves and scarf on when I left for work! Not great!!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog- also yes, your language changes drastically!!It's all Mary Poppins nice haha!!

  2. Oh I love it! And now I want French bread pizza.

  3. Love me some FB pizza! Deeeelish!


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