Saturday, February 26, 2011

week in photographs # 6


Hers My week hope you enjoy!
if you wanna join the fun
check out Adrienne's blog and
link up

Friday 25,
Thursday 24,
I woke up to SNOW, this was @ 6am
Wednesday 23,
Breakfast Kiwi and Strawberries
Tuesday 22,
I finished this book (Bunco babes tell all by Maria Geraci)
its a racy romantic comedy a bit erotic but I actually enjoyed reading it I just might pick up another book by her!
Monday 21,
Burn baby burn
Sunday 20,
flock of Geese
Saturday 19,
dewwy windshield


  1. Cool photos! I love photography. You have inspired me to try different kinds of photos.

  2. Love all your shots!! The kiwi strawberry breakfast looks amazing! Thanks for linking up!

  3. The dewy windshield is awesome, Ariel! and that tree is fantastic!!!


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